SD WAN (Broadband vs. Hybrid)

SD WAN is an overlay technology that can be configured over Private multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and various Public transport technologies such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), ISP Broadband Internet (ISP BB), 4G LTE and Fixed Wireless.

Broadband SD WAN utilize only Public transport technologies, while Hybrid SD WAN combines MPLS transport services on top for accessing mission critical or real time applications across their enterprise or private data centers.

As organizations are migrating their applications to public cloud, private line connections (MPLS) have proven to be inflexible and expensive. IT leaders are now exploring cost effective broadband SD WAN as an alternative to MPLS for connecting to their public Cloud applications. However some may be reluctant to transition to a Broadband SD WAN overnight.

Business Communication Tools

Enterprises need robust business communication tools to engage with their internal and external customers. Many managed service providers are now offering cloud based communication tools such as Hosted VoIP, collaboration (Such as Cisco WebEx) and contact center applications (UCaaS and CSaaS).

  • Hosted VoIP system
  • Contact Center
  • Collaboration tools such as WebEx