Customer-centered organizations should adopted lean digital transformation technologies to augment and scale their digital customer experience with predictability, agility and speed. 

To accomplish this, business and C-suite executives must work directly with their marketing (CMO) and other business unit leaders to identify priorities and establish a clear direction for aligning your organization to focus on the customer. They need to have a solid understanding of what the business wants to accomplish, accurately assess existing digital technologies and processes, and then advise how IT can support those goals.

Customer-centered digital technologies

Lean digital transformation requires laser-focused digital strategy. A digital strategy is more than just a plan for using technology in a smarter way. Done right, it folds into the business strategy and pursues the use of digital capabilities to deliver value to the customer. It also serves as the roadmap for the entire organization becoming customer centered. 

A well-designed digital strategy requires digital technologies that delivers continuous collaboration between IT, marketing, and other customer-facing teams by utilizing multiple channels of communications. It’s also about equipping those teams with the tools, processes, knowledge, and incentives to encourage customer-centered behaviors. 

SAFER-ITS consulting can help IT leaders with their customer experience and customer journey by implementing and integrating the following digital technologies, creating a branded and customer-focused marketing approach.

Comprehensive DCX Portfolio

  1. Website design & development, social media integration & management, analytics & monitoring
  2. Social Media posting and advertising – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube and Facebook Messenger Photo & Video Ads
  3. CRM – Integrated Sales, Marketing and Services with Text Messaging (SMS), Chatbot & Livechat, Forms, Landing pages
  4. Content marketing, Blogs, Lead Generation Ads
  5. Directory Optimization – Google, Bing, Yahoo
  6. SEO audit & optimization
  7. Google Ranking
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Graphics Design – infographics, brochures, ebooks & flyers
  10. Video production recording and editing
  11. Creating online videos on YouTube, Vimeo & Wistia
  12. Unified communication as a service solutions (UCaaS)
  13. Contact Center as a service solutions (CCaaS)
  14. Communication Platform as a service solutions (CPaaS)

DCX assessment

Our goal is to assist organizations to elevate their customer engagement, experience and journey to a higher level of trust and relevance by implementing and integrating the following digital marketing technologies -creating a branded and customer-focused marketing approach with 3 main objectives:

  • Awareness: Create more awareness of your company or brand
  • Consideration: Drive website visits, increase engagement, or encourage video views
  • Conversion: Collect leads and drive website conversions

SAFER-ITS website is integrated with social media tools, blogs, email and CRM for inbound & outbound marketing, and lead generation and conversion tools (Forms, Landing Pages, and more).

Contact us today for a free assessment of your needs. We have dozens of technologies to choose from, so we can select and value match the ones that is best for your business.