Cloud-based Backup & Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions

An essential IT function is data protection. Data is at the core of any digital transformation and loss of data could cost organizations millions of dollars. The reliance on data (structured, unstructured or VM data)  is what drives our backup and automated disaster recovery solution and services to manage and protect enterprise data across endpoints, data centers, and cloud workloads.

Developing and implementing a solid data protection and management solutions will ensure your data is safe, secure and available whenever needed.

DR for business continuity.

Generally speaking, there are two architectural approaches in setting up a backup and DR architecture. Some vendors use their own global data centers (DC) to provide complete integrated solution, whereas other vendors act as brokers by  integrating their solution with major global cloud providers such as AWS, MS Azure and Google. A number of vendors place a hardware appliance or software caching at the customer premise for quick local access and failover service for firms with real time Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) goals.

Depending on which backup and disaster recovery architecture we choose, rest assured that with our global cloud-based backup and DR solutions (Backup & Disaster Recovery-as-a-Services), businesses can protect and restore enterprise digital assets with peace of mind. 

The Business Challenge:

Information and data are the most critical digital assets of an enterprise. Protecting and managing that data is becoming more complex and costlier, and business risk is rising.

Many enterprise data are distributed around Data Centers (DC), hosted SaaS providers, branch offices, public and private clouds and BYOD/mobile end points creating a significant data management challenge.

Enterprises need high availability data protection services to ensure they can recover from any disruption – whether caused by human error, ransomware, or natural events – eliminating any impact to their revenue stream.

The Legacy Backup and DR solutions:

Legacy backup solutions relied on local tape and disk-based systems to back up data. Tape and disks are reliable to a degree but expensive. Storage area networks (SAN), Network attached servers (NAS), tape libraries and virtual tape arrays take up huge footprints and power consumption in the data center.

Legacy disaster recovery solutions require costly investment in secondary data centers requiring maintenance, power, compute, networking and storage resources. The cost and complexity of backup and recovery solutions means businesses lack the flexibility to grow and scale their infrastructures on demand, leading to costly upfront investments for anticipated growth.

These legacy backup and recovery solutions require tremendous administration and management resources. And they’re complex to manage and slow to retrieve information.

Nowadays businesses IT leaders are turning to cloud computing to achieve their data backup goals. Cloud computing services allows businesses gain access to storage volumes at scale that they can’t build or maintain on their own. They can index and retrieve data faster with lower recovery point and recovery time objectives. Including cloud as part of a data protection strategy delivers data integrity and, most important, predictable costs.

The NEXTGEN Backup and DR Hybrid Cloud Solutions:

Enterprises must ensure that corporate digital assets (information & mission critical data) is not only recoverable in the event of system failure, but they must do so across a variety of endpoints such as laptops, tablets, and mobile devices as well as Software as a Service (SaaS) applications at any location around the globe.

Managed cloud backup and restore.

Our NEXGEN Backup and DR Cloud Solutions built on dedicated data centers or Amazon Web Services (AWS) is aimed at addressing all of this complexity in one platform, with workloads/data stored locally and on Data Centers and or AWS Cloud. It provides data protection for endpoint devices and SaaS apps, datacenter and remote-office/branch-office environments, and work-loads based in AWS public cloud, respectively.

Customers can replicate and clone a whole AWS account and associated environments across regions, create recovery plans and execute testing. Our solutions will protect enterprise mission critical IT assets (VMware based systems, applications and data) against unplanned events, allow IT leaders to better manage their lifecycle of data, and respond rapidly to compliance and legal data inquiries by enforcing retention and data policies.

Backup and Cloud DR Solution Benefits:

  • Built on Hybrid Data Centers or Amazon Web Services (AWS), delivering globally accessible, infinitely scalable, and completely autonomous enterprise data protection.
  • All-in-one solution for backup and DR eliminates the lock-in, provisioning, and management of legacy hardware infrastructure. It lowers costs by 50% or more by eliminating the need to purchase, maintain, and complete capacity planning tasks for both hardware and software.
  • With the flexibility and scalability of cloud, IT administrators can easily expand the coverage of their disaster recovery solutions, with support for on-premises and cloud-native workloads.
  • Customers can streamline data protection and governance, improve cyber resiliency, and acquire insights that will help them capture new opportunities and accelerate smarter, clearer decision- making.


Our unified backup and DR solutions removes data management silos, reducing the risk, cost, and complexity of managing information by bringing data protection & information governance capabilities under a single pane of glass.

As a vendor neutral firm, we partnered with many top strategic cloud vendors to deliver the NEXTGEN Backup and DR solution and services. We can be your single contact from IT strategy and analysis, to evaluating and selecting Managed Service Providers, (MSP), Cloud Service Providers (CSP), Telecommunication services providers and Technology vendors for delivering timely, quality and cost-effective enterprise-wide data protections services.

If you are facing challenges in managing your disaster recovery (DR), backup, compliance, analytics, e-discovery, archiving, information lifecycle management and data, we may have the solution for you.

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