Emerging Technologies for Modern IT

Forward thinking IT leaders are now deploying Software-defined WAN (SD WAN) across their distributed enterprise offices and migrating enterprise applications and business communication services from corporate data center to the cloud.

SD-WAN provides a network overlay communication over a network underlay transport which improves network uptime, provides for application prioritization via quality of service policies, offers Internet security and centralized management.

SAFER ITS can assist IT leaders to turn your ground-breaking ideas into agile IT solutions by integrating various managed networking, security and hybrid cloud solutions over a SAFER Infrastructure to securely conduct your modern digital business.

Transform Legacy WAN into Secure SD WAN (Broadband vs. Hybrid)

WAN Modernization

We can transform your inflexible and rigid legacy WAN infrastructure into an agile, scalable and flexible secure SD WAN environment.

SD WAN is an overlay technology that can be configured over Private multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and various Public transport technologies such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), ISP Broadband Internet (ISP BB), 4G LTE and Fixed Wireless.

Broadband SD WAN utilize only Public transport technologies, while Hybrid SD WAN combines MPLS transport services for accessing mission critical or real time applications across their enterprise or private data centers.

Branch-in-a-box solution (Branch SD WAN)

Many customer have several networking equipment and security appliances at their branch sites to manage. The network equipment includes routers, wireless access points, firewalls, unified threat management systems and WAN optimization. The security appliances includes IP VPNs, secure web gateways, intrusion detection and prevention systems and next-generation firewalls.

These networking equipment and security appliances with their overlapping functionality which often come from different vendors, create additional operational complexity at the branch.

SD-Branch can consolidate all of these into a single system to reduce networking and security appliances clutter, ease operational complexity, improve security monitoring (threat mitigation by sandboxing and security service chaining) and save money.

NOTE – Initial SD-Branch implementations are currently formed by a single-vendor solutions such as Cisco Meraki SD WAN or Fortinet SD WAN – with some integrated application support from partners.

Business Communication Solutions

Business Communication Services

Enterprises need robust business communication tools to engage with their internal and external customers. Many managed service providers are now offering cloud based communication tools such as Hosted VoIP, collaboration (Such as Cisco WebEx) and contact center applications (UCaaS and CSaaS).



Solutions-in-a-Box Series consists of LAN solutions combined with Telecom solutions plus all the necessary network communication hardware and software accessories needed to turn up a site – PC, Laptop, LAN switches, routers, Firewall, VoIP phones, WiFi, EPP software.

We have developed strategic partnership with best-of-breed Independent Hardware, Software technology vendors and suppliers, world class MSP, and CSP Service Providers, to provide solutions that address real business needs in many vertical markets such as Retail, Hospitality, Health Care Clinics, etc.